Study Abroad Fair – October 24th

On October 24th, 2014 I attended the Study Abroad Fair which took place in the Bartley Atrium. This great event was co-hosted by the Villanova School of Business and the office of education abroad. The office of education abroad organized the event which played host to various different universities from around the world. The event really highlighted the magnitude of opportunities available to Villanova students. Before attending this event I was confused about the entire study abroad process but the fair really cleared things up for me and helped me create a potential plan of action regarding my study abroad experience.

Before this event I was completely unsure about where I wanted to study abroad but I had a few ideas. After attending I was able to come away with a good idea of where and what I want to study abroad. After speaking to several different representatives at the fair, I have decided that I want to study abroad, potentially next summer, in London, England. London has always appealed to me as study abroad destination because of its close proximity to my family who live there. London also appeals to me as a place to potentially live in the future so studying abroad there would offer a great “test-drive”. Finally, London is a center for world finance and business which makes it a superb place to spend a summer and soak up all it has to offer.

After deciding that I want to study abroad in London, I was now tasked with finding out more information about opportunities to do this next summer. At the fair I found two such opportunities. Villanova offers a summer program in London which is taught by a combination of Villanova faculty and London School of Economics professors. This is in addition to another program which is offered by King’s College London. This program is shorter and offers more of a choice with regards to area of study. After surveying both of these options I am now faced with an exciting but important choice.

The study abroad fair is a great event that I would encourage any prospectively interested students to attend. It offers opportunities for anyone and will definitely excite students about the possibility of studying in a foreign country. I believe studying abroad is an important opportunity which is important the college experience. The study abroad fair helps students find what they are looking for and is an event I will certainly continue to attend. The study abroad fair helped me find out what I want to do in the future, and for this reason I would highly recommend to any and all students.


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